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My name is Andrea Cammarata, and I’m a Senior Full Stack Developer.

I have more then twelve years in software, and web development experience on both the front-end and back-end using latest web technologies, frameworks and multiple programming languages.

I work at Sencha since 2011 covering the role of Senior Solutions Engineer, and as part of the Sencha Professional Services team, I provide software development expertise and deep knowledge of best practices in the use of Sencha products directly to customers based in the EMEA and US regions, on projects involving development of new web and mobile applications.

Beside being an developer, I like to spending my spare time committing to some personal passions such as 3d modeling, games development, fitness, piano music, travel and photography.

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Take a look at my open source projects on GitHub to discover more about my professional coding skills and style.

3d Art

Visit my Sketchfab profile to dig more in my 3d passion exploring some 3d models I’ve personally modelled, textured and animated.


Don’t forget to visit my YouTube channel if you want to listen some relaxing piano music performed by me.

19 Years Development
13 Years Professional
16 Countries
131 Client Projects
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