This small post just to show you a work in progress Sencha Touch 2 custom component which replicate the same ui and behavior shown on iOS iTunes lists. I’ve decided to work on this component for three hours this morning after I had a conversation with an iOS developer friend of mine last night which was skeptical about Sencha Touch capabilities. His point was that the framework will never have the same component of iOS because the OS made in Apple has some components that are impossible to replicate with simple HTML and js code, so I’ve asked him to make me an example, and he talked me about the iTunes list where the user is able to see the track cover and hear the audio preview with a nice radial progress ui. Do you all know what I’m talking about, isn’t? Well, I’ve smiled back at him saying: “You are definitively an Objective-C developer :) . It’s evident that you have basic experience with HTML5 and CSS3 technologies :) ”. So, dear Sam, take a look at the following video. Are you still skeptical? ;)
What do you think guys? Can this be compared to the native iOS component?
Please consider that I’ve spent only four hours of my free time on that, and that with a couple of more hours, this can be improved in different ways.
Oww, don’t forget that thanks to SASS this is fully customizable in colors, size, etc..
When I’ll be back from holidays I will probably write a full tutorial on how to develop this and, as always, this will be released for free on my Github account.
Let me know what do you think :)