7 Days

This project, to which I’ve dedicated some months of my free time immediately after buying the first dev kit of the Oculus Rift VR headset, was born with the primary goal of experimenting with Virtual Reality fullfilling a childhood dream, while, at the same time, improve my 3d modelling and games coding skills.

The main location here is a single family house, and I think you’ll be surprise to hear that that’s actually a full replica of my home.
I’ve spent in fact, weeks in measuring every single centimeter of the house, taking reference pictures and finally translate these informations into a 3d model, using several softwares such as Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop and Headus UV Layout.
The main idea was initially to re-create the living room only, but then, I’ve started thinking deeper at the level of VR immersion I was pointing to, realizing that the living room only was not enough. This led me to the decision to spend more time working on the garden and the upper levels.

Here’s a work in progress video of the living room inside Maya Viewport 2.0.

Once satisfied with the final result, I’ve finally imported models, materials and textures into Unity 3d and started setting lights, coding C# scripts and creating prefabs to integrate in my personal VR experience as demonstrated in this short video.

The next step was to finally have a taste of Virtual Reality immersing myself into the environment I’ve put together, so after tweaking some Unity 3d settings to guarantee a constant 60fps (and so avoid motion sickness) and having fun with particle emitters and sounds, it was finally time to put my rift on.

At this point, all the tests were concluded so it was time to move on and focus on bringing ideas for the story to life.
For this purpose, I had to power off the my artistic side, and wear again my favorite geek t-shirt.
Then I’ve started writing down some serious C# code to trigger some specific events upon player movements.

Lastly, my old brother Daniele, helped me composing a Silent Hill like soundtrack for the main manu that, in the meantime, it was taking shape after spending some more time on the Unity coding side.

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Date 25 Giu, 2016
Skills Maya, Photoshop, Headus UV Layout, Unity 3d
Author Andrea Cammarata
Category 3d