Map Editor

The Map Editor project was born during my High School graduation years back at the end of year 2000 and developed for approximately three years until June 2003.
This was the very first coding project I’ve ever worked on, in fact, I was only 15 years old when I’ve started the ideation and development process, just one year after receiving my first personal computer as a present from my parents.
The program was written in a very old school Visual Basic 6 language with the integration of some advanced 3d graphic libraries such as DirectX 8 and the TrueVision 3d Engine libraries to provide some complex functionalities that allowed users to create home and building plans, convert them in 3d with the single click of a button and use traditional input devices to explore the newly created enviroments.
Before watching the video which follows of the running program, please keep in mind that this was developed to run on Windows 98 / XP, so, in order to record this video, I had to install an XP virtual machine, reinstall all the libraries and run it on my MacBook Pro. As you will notice wathing the video, the 3d experience is way too “laggy” here, but I assure you that sixteen years ago, on regular Win XP machine, it was very smooth.

With several thousands of lines of code, the software was providing several different interesting features and options to facilitate home plans design, such as:

  • Walls and floors / ceiling duplication
  • Texturing and tiling
  • Semi-transparent multi color walls creation (to replicate glass look and feel)
  • Plan scale setting
  • User movements record and playback
  • Map to VB 6 Code Export
  • .obj and .x 3d models import
  • Realtime 3d objects positioning, rotation and scaling
  • Many more…

The project received an award for the best graduation project developed by a single student at my High School and it allowed me to obtain a scholarship at the “Politecnico di Torino” Engineering University, located in Turin, Italy.

Source Code

The Full VB 6 Source Code and required libraries are available on GitHub. Feel free to take a peek.

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Date 10 Giu, 2003
Skills Visual Basic 6, DirectX 8, True Vision 3d Engine
Author Andrea Cammarata
Category Coding