With the release of Sencha Touch 2 and the vast number of newly supported mobile devices, developers from all around the world started coding shiny new web applications, but limiting themselves in using only the standard web components included in the framework such as Carousels, TabPanels, Toolbars, etc. beucase of the lacking of tutorials and resources that would have shown them how to create brand new custom User Extensions to fullfill customers requirements.

After talking with hundred of Sencha developers frustrated by this situation, during my onsite engagements and conferences in both the EMEA and US region, I’ve decided to start working on the TUX (Touch User Extensions) project, a collection of some new Sencha Touch 2 custom components, built on the top of more the 25 brand new classes, with the goal of delivering best practices advices in UX development with Sencha Touch.

The bundle includes several different types of components, from a simple animated progress bar, to a complex media gallery, new form fields and custom touch gestures to demonstrate how creativity was the only limit.

Click on the items below for a short video of the components in action.

Source Code

The Full Sencha Touch 2 Source Code and all the UX examples are available on GitHub under GPL 3.0 license.

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Date 15 Dic, 2014
Skills Sencha Touch 2, Ext JS 6, Javascript, HTML 5, CSS 3
Author Andrea Cammarata
Category Coding